Unboxing Happiness

Unboxing Happiness - a breakthrough approach!!

Are we living a life of our dreams? if not, then, What is stopping us?

Research shows over 76% people in the world are unhappy and over 87% people are actively disengaged in their work. Most of us have become the victims of so-called modern life. Everyone is after something, The real question is, are we really enjoying the journey of life.

Let’s look at the price we are paying in the bargain. No time for self and family, constantly lost & worried about future, chronic health issues, unwanted addictions to cope with stress, constant mental chatter, unable to have a sound sleep, work-related stress resulting in declining performance, increased relationship barriers, unable to handle kids and the list is never ending. Ultimately leading to unhappiness. To add to these challenges, we are too busy with cell phones and social media.

Instead of asking complex questions such as what is the purpose and meaning of life, it’s important to address the challenges listed above. When we address these, we will be ready to explore bigger quests.

The sad part is, we know how to address these challenges, even if we are not able to, we can find the answers with a click of a button. With all the awareness, why are we still unable to change our behaviors and lifestyle?

To overcome these situations, we have tried several things such as motivational trainings, self-help books quick fix gadgets, magic pills & herbs, and many more. Unfortunately, the results are either short-lived or disappointing. As we know, most of us lack discipline to follow through and give up too soon before we start experiencing benefits.

We have witnessed several technological breakthroughs in our life such as Internet, mobile phones, TV, automobiles, entertainment, but our awareness about human success and happiness starts and ends with positive thinking, which is a 100 years old technology.

Have there been any breakthroughs in the areas of human potential development? The answer is an astounding YES, but are we aware of them, unfortunately very few are.

One such discovery is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT for short. Dr. Roger Callahan from the USA discovered this technique in 1986 and It was polished and made popular by a Stanford engineer Mr. Gary Craig in early 90’s. Millions of people worldwide are using this and are being immensely benefitted. This is clinically proven and many articles have been published in several scientific journals to showcase it’s effectiveness. The roots can be still traced back to India

EFT is a combination of ancient eastern science such as Marma Therapy from Ayurveda, Acupuncture from China, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy from the western world. It is perfectly in sync with a philosophy that body and mind have the capability to heal themselves-just help them to do so !! It leverages the self-healing capability of our body and directs our focus to diffuse the challenges.

The process involves tapping a few nerve clusters in our body called meridian points combined with specific suggestions. This will send calming signals to the part of the brain called Amygdala and prevents a phenomenon called “Amygdala Hijack”, which triggers the Fight, Flight and Freeze response under stress. The stress chemicals such as Cortisol and Adrenalin are neutralized during the tapping process. It also helps in releasing helpful and happy chemicals such as Dopamine and Endorphin.

Modern science now agrees that over 86% of the diseases are psychosomatic and can be cured by handling stress and emotional challenges. This technique is widely used to treat stress related symptoms, to overcome fears, phobias, depression and emotional issues. Once these emotional issues are addressed, challenges such as relationship issues, procrastination, self-esteem are automatically addressed. This technique is found to be extremely effective in addressing cravings, and addictions as well.

This technique is widely being used to achieve mindfulness easily and effortlessly. The results are extremely rapid and significant. Unlike many traditional methods, EFT is simple to learn, easy to use, produces immediate, significant results, costs nothing to practice, can be used for any issue, can be learnt by anyone easily within few days.

One can teach others, with absolutely no side effects and it can be used during any time of the day.

One thing we must never forget is, never to emotionalize medical problems and medicalize emotional problems. This is not a replacement for any medical treatments.

To explore further details, visit websites such as or to understand more and the science behind EFT.

There is a workshop organized on the 16th & 17th December at Hotel Chancery, Lavelle Road, Bangalore titled “Unboxing Happiness” which combines EFT, NLP and Alpha Mindfulness to enhance Health, Happiness and Performance.

For further details, visit or contact Neeraj Kumar @ 9611104400, Mridula @ 9886723901 or write to or

The author, Neeraj Kumar is a EFT & NLP master practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the training field, was a former coach for Asia Pacific Region for 3M corporation.

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